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The ever enjoyable combination of reading, thinking, talking and writing has become a full-time occupation. Follow the link below to find out more about what I’m doing now, as a doctoral candidate at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.



Time for some healthy cross-promotion of one of my other online personas. The handy digital recording equipment that I’ve been using for my interviews during this project has also allowed me to launch into another creative sphere – podcasting. I’ve been blogging personally for a couple of years now, and with this and other blogs, have begun to experiment with the medium for academic projects as well.

As way of practising and exploring the podcast format, I’ve been producing an occasional podcast for a couple of months now, which is promoted through the iTunes store and my personal blog ontheroad. While the majority of my interviews with Henk Döll and Joost Swarte are remaining offline for now, episode five of the ontheroad podcast is a more or less unedited audio walk through Joost Swarte’s home town of Haarlem, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It was recorded after I had interviewed him, when he suggested we go for a meander through the bustling market town to see the theatre that he designed with Henk Döll, and a more recent social housing project on an adjacent site. Follow the links above to download the episode or (better still) subscribe to the podcast so that you get every episode as soon as it’s released.


    "no words no action" was an experiment in academic blogging. The blog recorded the progress of reading, research and investigations that lead to a Masters in Architecture dissertation at the University of Sheffield in autumn 2007. You can find out more about the author's interest in blogging here.

    To find out more about the thesis, download the original dissertation proposal (pdf format) from February 2007 or the semi-formal first chapter (pdf format) from April 2007.

    Further research projects are in the works, and their dependence on human interaction and networking suggests more blogging will be inevitable when the time comes.


    At the time that this blog was created, James Benedict Brown was a fifth year Masters of Architecture student at the University of Sheffield. James' personal blog is here.

    James graduated in 2008 and now lives and works in Glasgow.


    This project was supervised by Renata Tyszczuk at the University of Sheffield


    If you want to correct me on something, offer an opinion on a particular artist or building, or if you'd like to recommend someone or something to find out about, please feel free to leave a comment. Just click on 'Comments' under the headline of the relevant post...


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    I've managed to miss almost half a dozen compelling conferences around the world so far this year, simply because I have no (more) money to travel and no time to escape my studies in Strasbourg and Sheffield. However, if I had a magic plane ticket and plenty of time, here's my selection of essential conferences to attend. Hopefully I'll be there for more of them next year... click here for the diary (updated every time I miss another one).

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